Highest concentration of Breweries…

Here in the Tri-Cities we are lucky to have 4 breweries in 400 meters! but how does this compare to the rest of Vancouver? BC? North America? the World?

I’m measuring this in walkable distance because you shouldn’t be drinking and driving anyways, I am only including areas with 3+ breweries (otherwise its not really a crawl), and finally I’m only including breweries with tasting rooms…

Well here in Port Moody this is what we have:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.10.30 PM.png

That is 4 breweries in 400 metres or 1 brewery every 100 metres on average.

When i  think of the most concentrated area in Metro Vancouver I immediately think Yeast Van, and Brewery Creek so lets take a look.

Yeast Van:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.17.49 PM

Our Yeast Van Crawl sees us visiting P49, Doan’s, Storm, Callister and Powell what a great crawl! But it does take us 1.4 km which is an average of a brewery every 280 meters… near 3 times that of #Brewer’s Road. But wait Callister is really 4 breweries! so we are up to 8 breweries… which only gives us an average of a brewery every 175 meters, and we should really include Andina brewing if I am to include the parkside. So 9 breweries in 1.4 km = thats a brewery every 155 m.

What about Brewery Creek?

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.23.17 PM.png

Some of you will gasp, as I haven’t included other Brewery Creek favourites like 33 acres, Steel Toad or Big Rock Urban. Well, they would only serve to speak the area out even more and I’m really trying to lock down high concentration of breweries. Here again we see Brewery Creek misses the mark a brewery every 200 m, double #BrewardInlet / #BrewersRow.

If I am missing something let me know but, but this seems to cement  #BrewardInlet / #BrewersRow as the highest concentration of breweries in Vancouver… what about BC?

Well Victoria puts up a fight but alas, no:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.29.01 PM.png

Driftwood, Hoyne and Moon Underwater come very, very close but not quite close  enough:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.32.14 PM.png

Moving into Canada i have taken a look at a few hotspots such as Ontario and Quebec and can’t find anything that leads me to believe their is a greater concentration.

Next time we will take a look at North America, let me know if you think I have missed something!


Brewing District in #PoCo…


This was never supposed to be a blog just about #PortMoody, so I’m happy I get to talk a little bit more about Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam these days. Anyways, while Coquitlam has restarted  the zoning process for breweries in their city it seems Port Coquitlam might be sweeping in to pick up the slack. I’ve already mentioned one brewery that seems to be taking the initial steps to get up and running… Super Cool Brewing (I hope they have great marketing or that name could be their undoing). I’ve come by some more information (that I would classify as rumour at this point) that there is a movement afoot for several independent breweries to set up near each other in order to create another brewing district in #PoCo. I do have some more specifics but my source asked me to keep them under wraps for now. It looks like council in #PoCo is going to look at removing some red tape in the future so you could help by attending and lobbying. more as I know.

BACK TO IT, with a #BREWardInlet focus

So, i took some time off and did some soul searching. I come back with an greater understanding… I like beer… and I like it local. With this in mind i’m endeavouring to really take on the area i’m from the Tri-cities, furthermore I’m going to attempt to make this blog a little more free flowing and less rigid what that means remains to be seen but here we go.


TWIN SAILS the third brewery in the #BREWardINLET should open Labour Day with a focus on german beers. This should really add to the diversity of the beers available on Murray street.

YELLOW DOG is in the midst of its 1 year anniversary bringing out rare beers like strawberry and black currant Berliner weisse as well as a super secret white sour and a pineapple IPA see the Burrard and St. James well for availability.

The new Growler is out giving everyone a great FREE guide to Beer around BC despite them referring to us in the Tri-Cities with a bevy of backhanded compliments (did someone at the growler just finish reading a circa 2004 pick up artist book).

The latest Tri-Cities cask festival has occurred and was an unabashed success. A real standouts and something to get excited about was the Hefeweizen from Twin Sails. I only managed one sample but it stuck with me as one of the most interesting beers available.

Coquitlam to look into changing by-laws to be more welcoming to Breweries… another brewing district perhaps???

Whispers that breweries have contacted Port Coquitlam about possibly opening a brewery downtown (poco)… Please make t-shirts that read: “STRAIGHT OUTTA PO-COMPTON!”

A new Camra chapter?

ALSO for the first time… here is my face (my camera broke and i have no photos of beer)! Of course i had been drinking!

Off The Rail Brewing Means a New Beerea

So remember when I alluded to there being potential for another Beerea I poorly dubbed “CHUGa Choo Choo”? Well two minutes on google maps and I realize it’s a reality (or rather maybe very soon). Off the Rail Brewing is setting up shop just off Clarke at 1351 Adanac St Vancouver, BC V5L 2C3. If you are good at geography you will notice that it is a short walk to both Bomber and Strange Fellows brewery! Awesome a new Beerea (an area in which 3 or more breweries are in walking distance). So lets consider this from a transit hub point of view:

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.40.46 AM
Beginning from VCC Clarke station, we have a sub 18 minute walk to our first stop Strange Fellows (sorry goole no one is going to go on that goose chase you’ve mapped out)… Grab some Nocturnum.
Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.41.37 AM
Following your Jongeleur, take a short 7 minute walk over to off the rails where you can sample some new fair.
Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 10.43.27 AM
This walk is a bit of piss! grab some ESB at Bomber!

So what do we know about Off The Rail? Well i scoured their website, which is in fact really good for a brewery that hasn’t opened. First of all the owner, and perhaps brewer, is a current, or former, owner of the Railway Club; hence the name. Without having spoken to the brewer it looks like there will be an emphasis on traditional styles with an eye to english beer specifically. I mean a pale ale that emphasizes golding hops? Whats old is new again. Of note though is the mention of two row rather than maris otter which makes it more North American. “English” peppers the seasonal list too, so as someone who got into beer through traditional english ales this is quite exciting. Here’s the bad news, Silence from Off the Rail since December despite claiming to be open in late fall. I hope all goes well and we are tasting their beer soon. In any case this area will make for exciting Sunday Adventures.