Stuff I Think YOU Should Know! 5?


-There might be some residual Moody Ales Pear Kolsch available at pubs like the John B. and Bitter Tasting room. Also available from Moody is another release candidate… this time a Pale ale. Don’t forget Moody’s Wet Hopped beers should be available soon and in several varieties. I’m gonna guess it will be in tasting room only.

-Yellow Dog has released two wet hopped beers both better In my opinion than sartori in their tasting room. Get them while the last.

– We could see the soft opening of Twin Sails this weekend or next.

-THE BIG NEWS! Another brewery is supposedly looking to open in a space in-between Moody Ales and Yellow Dog. Word is this will not be a production brewery but a brew pub operated by a restaurant chain. None of this has been confirmed but rumours are fun.


2 thoughts on “Stuff I Think YOU Should Know! 5?

  1. mikescraftbeer October 10, 2015 / 11:10 pm

    Very interesting. Very odd location for a brewpub.


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