Howe Sound Brewing buys East Vancouver’s R&B Brewing

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R&B Brewing was opened in East Vancouver’s historical Brewery Creek district in 1997 by Rick Dellow and Barry Benson.

Squamish’s Howe Sound Brewing has purchased East Vancouver’s long-established R&B Brewing in an unprecedented move in B.C.’s burgeoning craft beer market.

This is the first time in an independent, local brewery has bought another, marking a new era in the province’s craft beer boom.

The transaction closed last week, according to sources close to the deal.

The acquisition follows a year of uncertainty for R&B, opened in 1997, which recently laid off a number of employees as it struggled to find its place among the wave of new breweries opening in the historical Brewery Creek area.

Howe Sound, opened in 1996, plans to maintain R&B’s well-recognized brands — which include the multi-award-winning Sun God Wheat Ale, Raven Cream Ale and Red Devil Pale Ale — while using the Fourth Ave. space’s surplus brewing capacity to boost production of its in-demand lager.


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